Effortless Beach Waves


This course was designed for fellow stylists and the everyday girl looking to perfect an effortless beach wave. Carachele covers how to prep the hair, shares her favorite tools and product for this look, and walks you through the entire head using two different techniques leaving you with the most effortless beachy texture.

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    Lesson Plan

  • Essential tools

  • Hair prepration

  • Styling techniques

  • Product application

Effortless Beach Waves

A fun easy to follow course. We are confident you will be able to walk away knowing how to replicate Carachele’s effortless beach waves just after a few times of practice. 

Effortless Beach Waves


  • For cosmetologists and non-cosmetologists
  • Four different angles 
  • Easy to follow 
  • Covers Carachele’s favorite tools and techniques 
  • Visuals for both long and short hair model
  • Favorite styling products and application 

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